Large Galvanized Cages

All the cages on this page are quality manufactured by Jaulas El Portal in Mexico, the same company that has manufactured our heavy duty galvanized pyramid drop pens for years, and which Randall Burkey Company sold before we bought their business. There are brands out there for less money but be careful, we have heard of some that fall apart, the welds breaking easily.

We also have a few X-Large Brood Pen Heavy Duty 10 ga. wire, approx. 79" wide x 79" long x 59" (2 x 2 x 1.5 meter) tall with sloped wire top. Pick up only. Call for pricing, no shipping on these XL brood pens, pick up only.

Stag Pen  (code GREEN)
$52.00, 12/$561.60, 24/$1,060.80, 60/$2,496.00
Heavy Duty Stag Pen   (code YELLOW)
$68.00, 12/$734.40, 24/$1,387.20, 60/$3,264.00
Large Fly Pen    (code BLUE)
$71.50, 12/$772.20, 24/$1,458.72, 60/$3,432.00
Heavy Duty Large Fly Pen  (code GOLD)
$89.50, 12/$966.60, 24/$1,825.92, 60/$4,296.00
Heavy Duty X-Large Fly Pen  (code RED)
$130.00, 12/$1,404.00, 24/$2,652.00, 60/$6,240.00