Heavy Duty Stag or Breeding Pen 1x1x1m 10 gauge (+ freight)

Heavy Duty Stag or Breeding Pen  1x1x1m  10 gauge  (+ freight)
Item# 50dpenbreed10g
$46.00, 6/$248.40, 12/$469.20, 24/$883.20, 60/$2,070.00

Product Description

Galvanized wire Stag or Single Mate breeding pen. All 10 gauge wire. Holes are 2.625" wide x 5.375" high. Overall dimensions approximately 1 x 1 x 1 meter (39.36" cubed). Each pen weighs ~ 18 lbs, shipping weight is slightly higher. Ship by truck only (UPS shipping in the lower 48 states for 5 pens is approx. $140 to $165 if you insist, but most locations (if shipped to a business) could get 20 or more pens shipped for close to that price if shipped by truck. Customer pick up at our location is also welcome, sales tax will be charged on p/u orders though.

Freight for this item can not be calculated by this website. We will need to talk to you on the phone to set up a shipment of these pens. Shipping price per pen is much more economical when you buy large numbers of pens, most likely the shipping cost will be prohibitive on orders of less than about 15-20 pens. Also the shipping will be much cheaper if shipped to a business address set up to take deliveries by 18 wheelers or at least a tractor with a 28' pup trailer.