About half of these books were purchased from Mrs. Verna Dowd, owner of the Feathered Warrior magazine. She sold us most all the books she had at the time (after the magazine went out of business), and the rights to reprint most of them. Many of these books and booklets were written many years ago, and all may not end up being reprinted after they are sold out, so get a piece of history while they are still around!

Old Magazines (collectors items, over 20 years old)<p style="font-family:arial;color:red;font-size:20px;">AVAILABLE NOW</p>   Criminalized and Gamefowl the Foul Truth **package deal**
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Package Deal (15% off) Best of Fulldrop, Best of Narragansett, and Scientific Breeding of Gamefowl
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The ABC's of Poultry Genetics
ABC's of Poultry Raising
The Best of Narragansett   *NOW IN STOCK *
Building Chicken Coops
Chicken Diseases
Chicken Health For Dummies
Criminalized    (Keith Maze)
Chicken Health Handbook
Dubbing Poultry (How & Why to Do It)
The Gamecock magazine, single issue
Game Fowl and the Foul Truth
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A  Guide to Better Hatching (Stromberg)
The Scientific Breeding of Gamefowl (Floyd Gurley)
Sexing All Fowl
Merck Veterinary Manual  10th Edition
Wortham Derby Rules 1961
Wortham Derby Rules 2005 Edition
Breeders record book
Best of Fulldrop (Piper)
The Scientific Breeding of Gamefowl (Floyd Gurley)
Modern Chicago & Midwestern Derby Rules
Cocking Science (Old Family)
From Shell to Pit  (H.B. "Dad" Gleezen)
Game Chickens & How to Breed Them  (Tan Bark)
Dick Lee's Keep
Conditioning Cocks Correctly (Sol P. McCall)
Will Hall's Seven Day Keep for Fast Long Heels
The Holly Chappell Method of Feeding Cocks
Essientials of Cocking  (Arch Ruport- aka Muff)
Conditioning Methods (D.H. Pierce)
The Duke Hulsey Conditioning Method
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A Cocker's World  (Donald P. Hollis, Ph.D.)
Burnell Shelton Ad July 1906 Feathered Warrior
St. Augustine Derby ad, Feb. 1948 Feathered WarriorC.C. Cooke ad Feb. 1948 Feathered Warrior
Randall Burkey ad (one of his first) Feb. 1948 Feathered Warrior