Criminalized (Keith Maze)

Criminalized    (Keith Maze)
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Criminalized    (Keith Maze)
New book out by Keith Maze, about the criminalization of cockfighting.

The fighting of roosters is an ancient sport. Historians tell us itís the oldest sport excluding the hunt. The rooster has been used as a symbol in nearly every religion in the world. He arrived on the first ships to America. He fought in the pits in Virginia the same hands which signed the constitution.

Today he is outlawed in nearly every state. He is a 100 million dollar a year American business. His business is courage. He represents a heritage 1000ís of years old.

Keith Maze is one of a kind American author that is best known for his musical talent as well as his writing. An influential realist writer who created characters of moral ambiguity often based on his real-life examples. Keith Maze is on a mission, he dedicates his life to those that were Criminalized due to unfair laws being stacked against them serving time in prison over Chicken of all things. THE LIMITED EDITION - #CRIMINALIZED by KEITH MAZE is worth reading, more than posting in any social media platform. There is POWER in READING! Knowledge is a serious matter! And when the right time comes, you've got to SPEAK and be HEARD! No one know's who's next in line, but if they come the time when you're prepared, it is your ball game! GRAB YOUR COPY FOR $25 ONLY!!!