Heavy Duty

Galvanized Pyramid Drop Pens ***Back in stock***

These pens come with three "ears" on the lids which are shipped flat (straight) but usually you will want to bend them to help hold the lid shut when placing the bird inside. These pens can be used thousands of times, but the ears on the lid can not be bent very often, like any welded wire, bending it in the same area numerous times will cause the wire or the nearest weld to break! Bend once to set and leave alone or at least change the bend very seldom. CLOSE THE LID FIRST, THEN HOLD LID FIRMLY CLOSED AT THE EAR BY PUSHING DOWN ON THE EAR NEAR THE WELD WHICH HOLDS IT ON, WHILE BENDING THE EAR AROUND THE TOP WIRE OF THE SIDEWALL OF THE CAGE, SO VERY LITTLE PRESSURE IS EXERTED AGAINST THE WELD THAT IS HOLDING THE EAR ON. Set the bend of the ears on the lid to your preference of holding power. Do not bend the ears every time you shut the lid with a bird inside. If you only leave birds in the pens for a few minutes at a time and only while supervised, you may only want them bent 90 degrees, if you use the pens unsupervised and/or leave birds in for longer than a few minutes, you may want them bent approximately 135-150 degrees. If you were to use the pen as a permanent pen which you never plan to open the lid again, you could close the lid then bend them 180 degrees. I find that with the ears bent to about 135-150 degrees, the lid will be extremely hard to open just by a bird jumping up and hitting the lid, but it is still easy enough to open the pen by pushing the sidewall in at an ear position while pulling up on the lid and repeating this at all three ears, therefore not requiring the ears to be bent each time you open or close the lid.