Livestock Guardian Dogs (pups)

Great livestock guardian dogs. Parents are on patrol on our property, guarding our birds and doing an extremely fine job. Pups are 100% LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog), all three breeds used to make up these pups are LGD's. The vast majority were born males, so plenty of males available, we have no females left.

We have two types, 13/16 Great Pyrenees x 3/16 Anatolian Shepherd (white) and we have pups that are 3/8 Anatolian Shepherd x 3/8 Great Pyrenees x 1/4 Boz Shepherd (brown), born 10/25/20. (currently we only have 1 white male left, as of 12/1/20)

Photos of adult dogs are of the two dads (and also a sister to the white pups is in one photo). These pups will be available (weaned) by 12/4/20.

No shipping (we are too far from an airport to want to deal with shipping), pick up only, in Cove, Arkansas 71937. Call Paul for availability, 479-234-2514.

If you need more info on the individual breeds that make up these pups, there are links at the bottom of the page.

$150.00 each.

$50 NONREFUNDABLE Deposit required to hold a pup.

A few customer comments:

Michael H. says "Mr. Wood’s GP blood is quality stuff!"

Tyler P. says "Just got back from my good friend Paul Wood's house looking at a pup he has for me it's an awesome pup it has all the qualities of a guardian dog, she was checking the perimeter of his property while I was there"

Mr James says "I love ol’ Grizzly.. he comes for a quick pet then back out to work."