Don Pedro SpurGloves - Rubber Muffs

Don Pedro SpurGloves - Rubber Muffs
Item# 35muffr

Product Description

Our mold had to be repaired and it took much longer than expected, but we are up and running again.

The original one piece rubber muffs marketed as Don Pedro SpurGloves. Two pair of breeders muffs is a set (order quantity "1" and you get 4 muffs). Stag length (for uncut spurs of stags - these are slightly longer than cock length). These are very soft for extra cushion and protection, but still don't easily break and no seams to come apart. (the outer shell is one piece of molded rubber, but there is a separate harder piece of plastic in the tip of the muff to keep sharp spurs from piercing the softer rubber like material)

We now own the molds and rights to manufacture these muffs. Dealers/ distributors are welcome to contact us for wholesale pricing on these SpurGloves. (We offer wholesale pricing on over 98% of what we sell, but this item we can also offer distributor type pricing on large quantities, as we can supply many 1000's of sets of these muffs.)

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