Spur Maintenance

Spurs are natural weapons of the rooster (and sometimes hens also). They can be VERY sharp, deadly and cause damage and wounds on every bird, animal or person a rooster comes in contact with. Spurs need to be cut for the protection of yourself when handling roosters. When grabbing a bird, their kicking legs can easily cause severe scratching and cutting of your arms with the extremely dirty & sharp spurs, wounds that easily become infected if not cared for promptly. The same type thing happens to hens that are being mated by the rooster, the spur can dig in and cause feather damage and then eventually cut her back and cause infection (if your cock is still causing damage to your hen's back after being cut, try the breeders muffs for even more protection). Also, anything a rooster decides he doesn't like, gets those sharp spurs imbedded in it! So, CUT THOSE SPURS!