Extra eggs are provided in each order to help insure delivery of 12 fresh, unbroken, fertile eggs. These "extra" eggs are always our choice as to what breed they are.

We give extra eggs with the dozen, to try to ensure you receive a dozen fertile eggs. We guarantee 12 fresh, fertile, unbroken eggs to be delivered, no hatch guarantee can be made, due to the incubation being outside of our control, no matter if hen or incubator is used. Fertility guarantees are done by showing us in pictures an infertile egg of ours, after a week's incubation or there abouts. A candled egg picture and a broken egg picture with shell markings visible in the photo will be necessary. There must be less than a dozen eggs fertile for the guarantee to kick in, dead embryos are not infertile eggs. Pictures need to reach us by a maximum of 12 days after receipt of eggs to be considered for refund. If the guarantee terms are met, we will either refund the value of the number of infertile eggs (12 minus the number of fertile eggs) or replace the eggs, which ever is possible and most convenient for us at the time. Guarantee for unbroken egg arrival is similar, except we need pictures of any broken eggs within 24 hours of receipt of the eggs (according to USPS tracking info). We will not refund or reship any eggs due to breakage until after the date for the fertility guarantee passes, so that if the same batch of eggs has a breakage and a fertility problem, we can take care of the refund or replacement all at once and not in two separate transactions, but you still need to provide photos of broken eggs within the 24 hours after receipt in order to qualify for any breakage guarantee.

Please send any pictures to satisfy guarantee requirements to Paul@Wood-Enterprises.com or "Paul Wood" on Messenger/ Facebook (with rooster profile picture and lives in "Dauin" on the page, there are a lot of Paul Wood's in the world). Poor quality pictures will not be considered for these purposes, we must actually be able to see what you are claiming the guarantee for.