Atlas leg bands

Tamper resistamt leg bands seal with special Atlas leg band pliers # 26305S or # 26347, each band has three size adjustments (size 9 thru 13) and fit hens, stags, & cocks. What most pits used. They are sold in lots of 100 numbered bands.

These bands may be cutomized with your initials, words or numbers at extra cost, BUT please make sure you choose the proper "Custom Band" category to do so. If you order the numbered bands and then ask them to be customized in the comment section, it will only delay your order while we try to collect the proper payment for custom bands, as the custom bands are more expensive than the "numbered only" bands.

These bands are available in BLACK, RED, WHITE, ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE, BLUE, YELLOW colored aluminum. Or, non painted aluminum (silver color), or non painted brass (gold color).