Hatching Eggs (DOZEN) (+ freight, Standard Shipping not available for this item)

Hatching Eggs (DOZEN)  (+ freight, Standard Shipping not available for this item)
Item# 90eggmix
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Product Description

We currently have some extra eggs. Due to our business expansion, I don't have time to hatch eggs now, so you have an opportunity to buy some if we have them available when you place the order or not long there after.

This is a grab bag offering. The price reduction is because it is our choice on what matings /breeds to send. You may request in the options, one, two or three breeds you prefer to get, but we can't guarantee all the eggs you get will be what you request, as we are not going to send old eggs in your shipment. If I know we won't be able to send any of the breeds you requested, I will let you know and give you an opportunity to cancel. Currently I have following breeds and crosses.....

Reb Williamson Albany

Doc Romaker Albany

Jarrett Roundhead

Gator 5/8 Blueface x 3/8 Yellow Leg Hatch

1/4 Doc Romaker Albany 1/4 Miner Blue x 1/2 Reb Wiliamson Albany (you would be lucky if you raised some of these, they are outstanding, these are usually spangled)

possibly one or two other crosses

This is for a grab bag of eggs (what ever we have on hand when you order). In order to sell you fresh eggs, we can not sell you a dozen out of just one or two pens (most of these are single matings),we are not mass producing eggs. This price is for a mix of the above matings, we will try to accommodate your request, but ultimately it's our choice of what you get. You may request that your order be cancelled if we do not have what you requested, but please don't insist that the entire dozen be one breed. We do not have time to email back and forth for days trying to figure out the best mix of eggs for you out of what we have available...if we do have to do that, you will have to pay full price ($125). I can say that most of the eggs you get in a dozen will be straight bred, but most likely not all will be, but the crosses are good birds!

We send extra eggs with each order of a DOZEN, to help make sure you get at least one dozen fertile eggs. We can not guarantee your hatch rate since your incubation is out of our control, but we will guarantee a dozen fresh and fertile eggs for each dozen ordered. We ship in specially made foam egg shippers, professionally packed for no breakage during shipment (unless the delivery guys play football with the box, please refuse delivery if the box is leaking!). :-)

We will include hatching bags for each pen you get eggs from, so chicks can be incubated together and still marked as to what they are.

IN ORDER TO CALCULATE THE SHIPPING PROPERLY, EGGS MUST BE ORDERED SEPERATELY FROM ANY OTHER ITEMS WE SELL, AND ONLY ONE DOZEN PER ORDER PLACED. IF YOU WANT MORE THAN A DOZEN, YOU WILL NEED TO ORDER EACH DOZEN SEPERATELY. Sorry, but we are not mass producing eggs and we like to ship fresh ones only, and can't take the chance of combining them into other shipments with heavy objects in the same box.