**SPECIAL** Grab Bag of what we have on hand Mix of Pure & Crossed Hatching Eggs (DOZEN)

**SPECIAL** Grab Bag of what we have on hand Mix of Pure & Crossed Hatching Eggs (DOZEN)
Item# 90eggmix
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Product Description

This is for a mix of eggs, some may be pure, some may be crossed. To get this price, you must agree to take what we have on hand at the time of order, and agree that some will be crossed eggs (I don't think you will be disappointed with any of them).

These are from single mated pens, pen #'s will be indicated on the eggs.

****Egg orders have to be placed as a separate order from product orders, they will not ship together with other products unless pre-approved by phone. Only small light weight items can be shipped in the same box.****

Eggs are only available at certain times of year, usually between March and June. Exact ship dates are according to when breeds chosen are available. We do not mass produce eggs. Orders may take several weeks to ship at times, or they may be ready to ship almost immediately, if this is a problem for you, mention when you can accept delivery in the comments box at checkout, we will cancel the order if we do not think we can deliver when preferred. Please don't specify an EXACT date for the delivery, if you can't accept a range of dates, do not order except by phone, email or Messenger. Paul@Wood-Enterprises.com or "Paul Wood" on Messenger/ Facebook (with rooster profile picture and lives in "Dauin" on the page, there are a lot of Paul Wood's in the world)