**NEW** GrowPro 250g (8.8 oz) (chick growth stimulant)

**NEW**  GrowPro  250g (8.8 oz)  (chick growth stimulant)
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Product Description

GrowPro 250g (8.8 oz) A chick growth stimulant. Has been known to improve growth and leg length in gamefowl.

PRODUCT: A growth promotant combining essential enzymes, protein peptides, chelated minerals, and electrolytes.


Enzymes: help break down the feed matter into more absorbable nutrients so it can be easily absorbed by the intestines. Grains and seeds like corn, wheat, oats and peas, etc. Chickens have no teeth and depend largely on their gizzard to start the digestion of their feed. After the feed has been ground up by the gizzard, it undergoes further breakdown by releasing gastric juices that contain naturally occurring enzymes. By introducing additional enzymes supplied by GrowPro, the breakdown of the feed is more enhanced to allow efficient absorption of nutrients. These nutrients are then use like building blocks, so the body can create new cells for growth and repair.

Protein Peptides: a super absorbable form of protein source, which promotes the growth of intestinal villi to provide more surface area for the improved absorption of nutrients. The longer the villi the more nutrients can be absorbed by the intestines. The intestinal lining develops a health abundance of nutrient absorbing hair-like carpeting responsible for the diffusion of nutrients from the intestine to the blood stream, so that the body can use these nutritional building blocks to work the magic of growth and repair of the body.

Chelated Minerals: made available from protein peptides as part of its many components. Chelated minerals are highly effective in providing metabolic absorption. Minerals have many functions in the chicken's body and thereby are very important in the role of its overall development and growth.

GROWPRO is perfectly formulated to potentially advance the growth and development of newly hatched chicks to the extreme. It is most effective when used from day 1 to 30 of the chick's life.

GROWPRO may be used at any time to enhance muscular development and help with winning shows, especially in closely inbred gamefowl.


Mix one 50gm pack of GrowPro into 2.2 pounds chick starter crumbles or chick booster. Or, mix one 250gm pack into 11 pounds chick starter crumbles or chick booster.

Give this dry mixture to day old chicks free choice (as much as they will eat), and continue to feed this mixture up to 30 days of age. If your breed of chicks is natural large, you may only want to feed GrowPro for 15 days, if there is any possibility of them getting bigger than you prefer.

Extended highly recommended not to feed to chicks longer than their first 30 days of life (unless you are raising broilers!) although later on, after the 9 month mark, they can be fed some for periods of 1-2 weeks for extra muscle development.