3 HEAVY DUTY PVC coated square drop pen

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3  HEAVY DUTY PVC coated square drop pen <p style="font-family:arial;color:red;font-size:18px;"> (+freight, "Standard Shipping" is not allowed for this item)
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Product Description


12.5 gauge galvanized after welding, PVC coated wire drop pen, totally manufactured in the USA!, 22.5" x 22.5" x 24" tall.

These pens weigh over 11 pounds each,

and the wire is made to withstand constant emersion in salt water for long periods without corroding. The PVC coating is the highest quality and will not peel. These are the most heavy duty and highest quality wire drop pens on the market. Fastened together with heavy duty nylon ties for smooth folding action. These fold easily, have a lip on the lid to help hold the pen in a square shape, even if your bird gets a little out of shape! The lid is also made of two pieces, so you can open half the top to remove the bird to help prevent it's escape while you catch it. Won't blow over during normal use....if they do, you shouldn't be outside anyway, you should be in a storm shelter! Click on the inset photo for a larger close up view of the wire, before and after PVC coating, note the galvanizing on the welds, no rusted welds here! These pens have a green top and a red front, with the remaining 3 sides in black.