Hovabator (still air / no turner) #1602N (+ freight, no standard shipping)

Hovabator (still air / no turner) #1602N (+ freight, no standard shipping)
Item# 45hova1602N

Product Description

Hovabator (still air / no turner) #1602N

Invented by G.Q.F. Manufacturing Co. over 30 years ago, the Hova-Bator is still the WORLD'S BEST SMALL INCUBATOR and the THERMAL AIR FLOW MODEL, is the most economical incubator available. The radiant heat tube gently warms the inside of the incubator, the air and eggs. Thermal action of the heated air flowing out of the exhaust vents in the top of the incubator, draws fresh air in through the bottom vent. This thermal air flow also assists the drying of the chicks after they hatch. This design includes two small windows on top for viewing. The wafer thermostat is proven, accurate technology that produces great hatch results. This model is suitable for use with the chicken egg turner, item No. 1611

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