GQF Float # 3032 for Auto Water System

GQF Float # 3032 for Auto Water System
Item# 45awpanfloat3032

Product Description

GQF Float # 3032 for Auto Water System (pan float and valve only, along with connection hoses). This is the same float that comes with a #3030 auto water system for Sportsman incubators. This controls the water flow from the bucket into the water pan, so that the pan will not overflow. This float can also be used in the GQF water troughs for their brooders.

This kit has everything the #3030 kit has except the water pan, the bucket, and the hose barb fitting # 4030 (1/4" barb) listed below. For customers in the islands who want to save a lot of shipping charges, instead of ordering a #3030 kit, order this item # 3032 and the #4030 hose barb, and reuse your original water pan (check and make sure your water pan looks like the one in the pictures for the #3031 kit), and supply your own bucket (will have to drill a hole in bucket and water pan for fittings), as the additional price on shipping on a bucket (#3030 kit) to Hawaii can be near $40.00.


Water tank hose barb fitting, for 1/4" hose
Water tank hose barb fitting # 4030 for 1/4" hose, or # 4031 for 5/16" hose. We use 5 or 6 gallon buckets for our water tanks on our low pressure system, large systems with many cups could use a 30 gallon plastic barrel. Make sure the bucket or barrel has a vent to allow air into the tank to prevent a vacuum from forming and stopping the water flow.
Size of hose used: