Auto Drink Cups #4085 (EACH)

Auto Drink Cups #4085  (EACH)
Item# 30awcup4085
$2.75, 10/$24.80, 20/$46.80, 100/$206.00

Product Description

Auto Drink Cups #4085 (EACH). Each cup can accommodate from 1 to approximately 10 medium size chickens (American game chickens, or 40 quail). These do not break when frozen, nor does the water line we sell to make these low pressure auto watering systems. If you use our soft plastic water line and this cup and #4084 water cup bracket, and a plastic bucket or barrel for a water tank, you don't have to worry about bursting when the water freezes (occasionally, I have had 5 gallon plastic buckets burst if they were several years old and filled full). If using a high pressure line and pressure reducing valve, you would need to take appropriate action to keep the high pressure side and pressure reducing valve from freezing - if using a bucket or barrel to supply water, there should be no freezing/ breakage problems), if it freezes, it will just start working again as soon as it thaws out. Occasionally debris from inside the waterline after a freeze and thaw will cause a valve to stick slightly open, but can be cleared by tapping the water valve activator (yellow thing in the cup) a few times to dislodge the debris.

DRINK CUP IS THE MOST SANITARY WATERING SYSTEM AVAILABLE - These cups have a spring loaded trigger stem for positive shut off of water. Water flows only when the birds beak is in the cup. No messy wet spots as with nipple drinkers. DESIGNING A SYSTEM - Drink cups require a source of water at a pressure below 5 lbs. PSI which is provided by a pressure reducing valve, or by gravity tanks (bucket) (less than five feet above drinkers). Use with 1/4" or 5/16' tubing.