#45 cup (DOZEN) ***SALE when buying more than one dozen

#45 cup (DOZEN) ***SALE when buying more than one dozen
Item# 3045-12
$16.00, 2/$25.60

Product Description

#45 cup Flat bottom, one pint, square, STRAIGHT SIDES. Water doesn't slosh out as easily from these as the #40 cups, but they don't work well in freezing weather for removal of ice like the #40's, so this is a good square cup for southern farms or warm weather / indoor use. This item is for one dozen (12) cups.

We now own the molds and rights to manufacture these cups, dealers/ distributors are welcome to contact us for wholesale pricing (we offer wholesale pricing on over 98% of what we sell, but this item we can also offer distributor type pricing on large quantities, we can supply many 1000's of these cups).