CUSTOMIZED BRASS leg bands (click HERE for prices)

CUSTOMIZED BRASS leg bands (click HERE for prices)
Item# 25305abrasscustom
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Product Description

Adjustable leg bands BRASS. Requires plier #305S or #347.

Only color available for these bands is plain brass (gold color). Pick a quantity. Pick a starting number series.

Please write the name or initials (can also be numbers) you want stamped on the bands, in the comments section during check out. There is a maximum of 2 lines of print and each line can only have 10 spaces, letters or numbers total (less if your number series is 5 digits or more), so that's a max of 20 spaces, letters or numbers on the band.


DO NOT order anything else on the same order as customized bands, unless you want us to hold the entire order for the 4-6 weeks it takes for the custom bands to be stamped and sent to us from the factory. If you want to order other items and have them shipped now, please do a separate order for the items you want shipped immediately. Or, you can mention in the comments at check out that you wish to pay the two separate shipping charges for shipping two orders, as the website is not capable of this calculation.